Roll Grinders CNC Proma Types

Proma CNC roll grinders and cylindrical grinders are the leaders in the field.
Once the domain of the European manufacturers, Proma Grinders offer a much lower cost product while still producing machinery of equal quality.

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Standard Specification


S Type 

M Type

L Type

H Type

Working capacityMax. swing over tablemmØ400Ø600Ø850Ø1000Ø1300Ø1600Ø2000
Max. distance between c.c.M1.5M,2M,3M,4M3M,4M,5M,6M3M,4M5M,6M4M,5M,6M,7M,8M5M,6M,7M,8M,10M,12M6M,7M,8M,10M,12M
Max. weight of workpiecekg1,5004,0006,00015,00030,00040,000
Max. O.D. groundmmØ400Ø600Ø850Ø1000Ø1300Ø1600Ø2000
Rang of grinding dia.mmØ5~Ø400Ø15~Ø600Ø20~Ø850Ø20~Ø1000Ø80~Ø1300Ø180~Ø1600Ø250~Ø2000
Max. dia of crownmmBy program
Wheelhead & Carriage(X axis)Wheel size(O. D. × Width × Bore)mmØ500 × Ø152.4 × 50Ø910 × Ø304.8 × 75Ø910 × Ø304.8 × 80
Type of lubricating systemHydrostatic & dynamic system
Rotating speed of wheelR.P.M.300~1600300~1000
Max. cross feed ratemm/min1000mm/min2000mm/min3000mm/min
Cross feed per pulsemm/p0.001mm
Table(Z axis)Travel of table or head (Z axis)mmCenter Distance + 8″
Travel speed of tablemm/min25~3000mm/min25~6000mm/min
Type of lubricating systekmHydrostatic & dynamic system
SupportRoll neck diameter rangemm90~400(350~600 option)90~400(350~700 option)
Workhead&TailstockRotation speed of work headR.P.M.10~1008~806~606~503~30
Size of centerMT#5MT#6PT#100
Moving speed of tailstockmm/minManual2000
Stroke of quillmm50mm80mm200mm
Power ratingGrind wheel motorHP15HP20HP30HP50HP(40HP × 6P)75HP(60HP × 6P)
Work head motorHP5HP(3HP × 6P)7.5HP(5HP × 6P)10HP(7.5HP × 6P)40HP(30HP × 6P)50HP(40HP × 6P)50HP(40HP × 6P)
Table traverse motor(Z axis)HP12NM22NM30NM22NM30NM30NM
Tailstock move motorHP1HPX6P
Cross feed motor(X axis)HP8NM12NM
Lubricating systemHP2HP
Coolant systemL280Liter360Liter, 420Liter420Liter2000Liter × 2HP