Heavy Duty Waytrain Bandsaws
Waytrain Bandsaws

Heavy Duty Waytrain Bandsaws


We have sold several Waytrain Bandsaws since becoming their agents in the Middle East and Africa.
WAY TRAIN INDUSTRIES was established in March, 1983. With over 30 years of experience developing and producing bandsaws, they now have over 100 models types and supply to 50 industrialized countries, spanning five continents. Their products include band saw, auto bandsaw, sawing machine, horizontal sawing, cutting sawing machine, cutting bandsaw, double column sawing machine, angle cutting machine and angle sawing machine. All of their products are well received and especially popular in Europe and the Americas. Occupying an impressive share of the global market.

Waytrain heavy duty bandsaws


Heavy Duty Band Saw

  • Linear guides are used on saw-bow movement.
  • Single vise clamping.
  • Blade tilt detect sensor and readout(option).
  • Motor inverter controls blade speed and show in digital readout.
  • Chip auto conveyer.
  • Vise clamping pressure regulator(opting).
  • Laser position guide line.


Double Column Fully Automatic Band Saw

  • Touch screen and nine jobs setting.
  • Hydraulic blade tension device.
  • Hydraulic chip conveyer.
  • Hydraulic blade carbide guides.
  • Motor inverter controls variable blade speed.
  • Auto-adjust blade guidepost position.
  • Feed material without any stuck problem.
  • Heavy-duty cutting band saw.
  • High cutting efficiency and precision.
  • Suitable for cutting big model and material.



Latest Range of High Efficiency and Heavy Duty Bandsaws
Due to increased production capacity, WAY TRAIN’s latest series of band saws include the WL and WA models. These are all heavy duty semi-automatic bandsaws with large cutting capacities. These models feature linear guides, automatic chip conveyors, and hydraulic blade tension devices to ensure accurate sawing and efficient operations at all times.Another very popular range of bandsaws are the LX, WH, WA, and LH series sawing machines. These are all high efficiency auto bandsaws with a range of different designs and sizes to cater for a wide range of applications. Many of these sawing machines feature precise length encoders to ensure accurate feeding of the workpiece during automatic operations.


30 years of experience
Supply to 50 countries

100 models types
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