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Many Megabore users operate their machines 24 hours a day, and like all mechanical devices wear and tear is unavoidable.
We have immediate access to a huge range of spares for almost every part that is subject to wear and tear. especially lead screws and nuts, cross slide screws, clutches etc.
Most items can be dispatched within 24 hours after ordering. Usually we require payment before dispatch. Quote your DHL or Fedex account for fastest dispatch.


Megabore offer installation and service for all of our machines all over the world.
Many of our clients are experienced in this area and do the installation themselves.  For those who are not, the normal procedure is for the client to position the machine then leave the final leveling and start up to our engineers. We then run the operators through the operation of the machine.

Our support does not end with machine installation. We also offer a maintenance and problem solving service, to ensure that your machinery continues to operate smoothly once it has been installed.

Although our own engineers usually attend to installation and maintenance issues we retain the right to use contractors if appropriate.

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